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A C Make way for the Gregorian monks of doom. Solid demo.
Old Man Doom
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Old Man Doom Heavy shit. Great to listen to while roasting some meat over a fire pit and drinking whiskey. Favorite track: Sint (Part 1).
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WarBison all killer no filler. seriously the best thing I've bought on band camp this year. Favorite track: Sint (Part 1).
Regnārs Breikšs
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Regnārs Breikšs Ladies and gentlemen... this is the shit! Outstanding.
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Veedwood Some of the awesomest doom to come out since ever.
The riffs, the giant tones, the vox, everything down to the cozy, claustrophobic production on the drums comes together to create a pervading sense of doom and awe, which the band manage to channel with sophisticated restraint.

Listen to it; buy it. Period.
Steve Rodger
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Steve Rodger Love this two track demo with its sludgy doomy riffs and Gregorian vocals bubbling up from the pit.
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"The sun will die someday, erasing our history and obliterating the existence of man...Livid's massive riffs will be the soundtrack for that day." -KEXP Seek & Destroy

"Livid certainly plant their roots firmly in the doom world with this debut. From the opening of Sint (Part1) that hooks you with a deep thunderous bass to Sint (Part2) that pulls you in the boat with even more infectious riffs and flay you like the helpless fish that you are, Livid truly make a statement with this debut. That statement is that they are here and they are not leaving for some time to come. With only two tracks on this album it is almost mind boggling to think what a full length would sound like, and while your mind is being thoroughly boggled you can boggle it even further with Sint." -Cadaver Garden

"This two-song demo has all the right ingredients in place to make a great doom experience: ultra-low-tuned fuzz, rich, full-bodied bass (I nearly orgasmed listening to the opening notes of the 14-minute ‘Sint, Part 1’), sweeping guitar riffs a-la-Sleep, epic vocals. It’s all there.....I have every reason to believe that Livid is going places. If they keep a strong work ethic, gig often, network, and continue to record compositions of this quality, I think we’ll be talking about Livid a month from now, six months from now, perhaps even for years to come.
A very impressive debut, joining the esteemed ranks of Doomed & Stoned’s #HeavyBest15 as one of the best so far. The Goate is well-pleased." -Doomed & Stoned

"From the repressively long-winded, bass heavy approach many bands from Finland are (or were!) using to the darker tones coming from the distorted stoner or even the doom/death scenes. They're loud and noisy at times but stay within the confines of traditional doom metal, their bass is thick and never overshadowed too much by the guitars, they're brothers in arms and this equal hierarchy creates an enjoyable wall of sound. The guitar melodies and semi-leads are fun, it's melancholic and well written (see the parts midway through the first part).The no-frills production fits their rudimentary endeavor, it feels like a damp and sad basement full of thundering and shaking riffs with echoing monk vocals..." -Metantoine's Magical Realm

"...with the first big bite rumbling into action on the back of throbbing low-end strings and fleshed-out percussion. When the vocals do arrive, it's with a disarming cleanliness and strong projection, giving a nod to doom practices of the past without being too dogmatic about it, and there's an interesting interaction between their semi-hallowed presence and the dirtier bass vibrations. There's also a pleasing amount of thoughtfulness in how the song proceeds, with the melodies curling into new directions without losing the original thread, and the atmosphere growing larger and more pressurized as it continues.
With a cool blaze of feedback leading into the second half and its opening revival of toothy guitar, the band refocuses and leads a new attack. I have to say, the guitar lines in part two hook my ears more firmly than the slow burn of the first, but then again, it works so well because of the way the band builds up to it. For a band not yet to their first 'real' release, they've got a firm bead on what they want to pull off, and they do it with plenty of style. Check them out, and keep your ears peeled for more to come from Livid." -The Burning Beard

"Sint is bass heavy.
Clean vocals and monk like tones.
Just two songs. Good work." -The Haiku Review


released July 14, 2015

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ali Jaafar at Ecstattic Studio in Minneapolis, MN
Album art by Cryptworm



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Livid Minneapolis, Minnesota

Prosthetic Records

Haunting Doom from Minneapolis.

Cole Benson: Guitar/Vox
Tim Leick:
Chad Padelford:
David "Swen" Swenson:
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